Monday, June 21, 2010

Lecture 6 Onward and Outward: The 1950s, Space Travel, Apocalypticism, and the Beautiful Weirdness of Cordwainer Smith - Michael Drout

In : From Here to Infinity: An Exploration of Science Fiction Literature

by Michael Drout

SFF audio says most of this lecture is devoted to Cordwainer Smith.


Monday, June 14, 2010

Cordwainer Smith - Frank Northern Magill

Critical Survey of Short Fiction: Current writers. Index By Frank Northen Magill

"Book overviewThis series contains 515 essays, revolving around authors of short fiction. Essays are arranged alphabetically by author and provide in-depth overviews of short-story writers. Each essay contains full birth and death data, substantial listings of literary works by genre, and an analysis and survey of the major themes and techniques in the writer's work, using specific titles for examples. Finally, there is a list of other publication by genre, and an annotated bibliography.

Snippet view - Item notes: v. 7 - 1981 - 2901 pages -"


A Cordwainer Smith Checklist - Mike Bennett

Title A Cordwainer Smith Checklist
Issue 37 of Booklet Series
Drumm booklet
Author Mike Bennett
Publisher Chris Drumm Books, 1991
ISBN 0936055499, 9780936055497
Length 28 pages