Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christianity and Science Fiction of Cordwainer Smith - James Jordan

"Discovering the writings of Corwainer Smith in the early 1970's was a life-changing revelation. At that time, neither his one novel, Norstrilia, nor any comprehensive compilation of his incredible short stories were in print. For years, I would scour used bookstores in search of his stories, finding one of his stories in this or that compilation, in print, not in print, whatever. Needless to say, his writing had a profound effect on me and I have striven to create worlds, in music and art and words, as strange, as haunting, and, I hope, as full of love as his works, amidst the weirdness. Not that I come close in that regard: but one must aim high. Smith's stories do not grow old. Interestingly, although he was almost unknown 25 years ago, he is regularly deemed the most influential science fiction writer of all time now. I recommend his books, Norstrilia and The Rediscovery of Man without hesitation."

4 out of 5

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